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Gadtke & Beyer Are The Best Divorce Attorneys in Edina, MN, Minneapolis, MN and Twin Cities Metro of Minnesota.


Gadtke & Beyer, Divorce Lawyers Edina MN


Gadtke & Beyer, Divorce Lawyers Edina MN


Gadtke & Beyer, Divorce Lawyers Edina MN

Divorce Lawyers Edina & Chaska

Divorce Lawyers Edina MNGadtke & Beyer, LLC is a distinguished divorce and family law firm, offering clients the aggressive representation they need with the personal attention they deserve.  Divorce is what we do.  Our Minnesota divorce attorneys understand your need to make informed decisions about your case.  We take the time to listen to you.  We take the time to understand your goals.  And we take the time to develop a case strategy that fits your needs.

We have experience representing clients in all types of family law and divorce-related cases, including cases before the Minnesota District Court, the Minnesota Court of Appeals, and the Minnesota Supreme Court.  Whether your case involves complex financial matters, custody issues, child support, premarital agreements, or other family law-related issues, we can help.

We frequently represent clients who are involved in:

  • Divorce, including both contested and uncontested cases, as well as mediation;
  • Financial issues, including property and debt division, division of retirement benefits, and spousal maintenance/alimony;
  • Prenuptial Agreements;
  • Appeals and post-decree modifications;
  • Child custody, child support, paternity, and parenting time issues, including grandparent’s rights; and
  • Domestic abuse cases, including Orders for Protection and Harassment Restraining Orders.

How Can We Help

Regardless of the situation you’re facing, it is important that you contact a lawyer to discuss your options before making any life changing decisions.  You may think that you are not entitled to anything or you may think that you are being treated unfairly.  If you have children, you need to make sure that any settlement agreement you reach is in their best interests.  Our team of experienced legal professionals can help you understand the issues surrounding a divorce so that you can move forward with confidence.

Helping Clients Statewide

We are committed to providing sound legal advice to people throughout the State of Minnesota.  Whether you live in the Twin Cities metro area or somewhere out state, we can help.  Our attorneys have years of experience in family law.  No matter what problem you are facing, Gadtke & Beyer, LLC can help you get what you deserve, while keeping the legal and emotional complications to a minimum.

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Case Studies

Dismissal of Order for Protection Domestic Abuse Case
(Carver County, Minnesota 2015):

When a father was served with a motion brought by his ex-wife to extend an Order for Protection (“OFP”) for an additional 2 years, he contacted Gadtke & Beyer for help.  After investigating the facts surrounding the situation, the Gadtke & Beyer trial team, led by attorney Rob Gadtke discovered that there was no legal grounds for extending the OFP.  After defending the father in a contested court hearing, the Judge dismissed the Order for Protection.  The father is now able to see his daughter without restriction.

Mother awarded multi-million dollar settlement
(Hennepin County, Minnesota 2015):

Mother had been a stay-at-home mom for the duration of the parties’ marriage.  Years after the parties separated, Father received a multi-million dollar settlement following the buyout of his former employer, but argued that it was his non-marital property.  The Gadtke & Beyer team, led by attorney Marc Beyer, successfully negotiated a settlement for Mother in which all of the settlement was considered marital property, resulting in a seven figure property settlement for Mother.

Father receives sole legal custody and sole physical custody of his children
(Wright County, Minnesota 2015)

After learning that his wife (who had a history of drug and alcohol addiction) intended to seek sole custody of their children due to his work-related travel schedule, a father contacted Gadtke & Beyer for help.  During the discovery phase of the case, the Gadtke & Beyer trial team, led by attorney Rob Gadtke, discovered evidence showing that wife continued to use prohibited substances in a manner that adversely affected the children’s well-being.  After numerous evaluations and contested court hearing, wife’s parenting time was suspended.  The case finally ended when both the wife and the Judge agreed that the children’s best interests required father to have sole legal and sole physical custody.  The children are now thriving in a safe, predictable environment.

Mother ordered to pay child support arrears
(Ramsey County, Minnesota 2015)

Mother refused to pay father child support over the course of 15 years.  Father sought the assistance of Gadtke & Beyer.  The Gadtke & Beyer trial team, led by attorney Marc Beyer, filed a motion seeking to collect child support arrears.  Following a contested hearing, the Court ordered Mother to pay Father over $35,000 within 30 days.

Mother receives sole legal custody and physical custody of her children.
(Dakota County, Minnesota 2015)

After being assaulted by her husband in front of her children, mother contacted Gadtke & Beyer for help.  The Gadtke & Beyer trial team, led by attorney Rob Gadtke negotiated a settlement that protected the safety of the child by ensuring that father could no longer have contact with her unless approved by the court.  Mother and daughter are both doing well.  Daughter is in the process of choosing a college.

Father’s overtime income is excluded from his income in calculating child support
(Anoka County, Minnesota 2015)

Father had the same job for 20+ years that regularly paid him overtime income.  Ordinarily, with these facts, the overtime income would be included in determining Father’s child support obligation.  But, Father also had four kids, and could not afford guideline’s child support.  He contacted Gadtke & Beyer for help.  The Gadtke & Beyer trial team, led by attorney Marc Beyer, successfully convinced the Court to deviate downward from the child support guidelines and exclude the overtime income.

Wife receives the uncontested divorce she needed
(Scott County, Minnesota 2015)

With her son away at college, wife decided that it was time for her to take a new path.  She contacted Gadtke & Beyer for help.  The Gadtke & Beyer team, led by attorney Rob Gadtke, determined that it was possible for wife to achieve her divorce goals without conflict or animosity.  They worked with her to ensure that the negotiated settlement protected her long-term best interests.

Father awarded his worker’s compensation settlement as his non-marital property
(Dakota County, 2015)

Shortly after the Father and Mother separated, Father was awarded a worker’s compensation settlement for injuries sustained on the job.  When Mother argued that the settlement should be considered by the Court in determining Father’s child support obligation, Father turned to the Gadtke & Beyer trial team, led by attorney Marc Beyer, for help.  The Court ruled that the worker’s compensation settlement was Father’s nonmarital property, and Mother was not entitled to any of the money as back child support.

*Past results are reported to provide the reader with an indication of the type of work we do.  They do not and should not be construed to create an expectation of future performance, as all cases depend on their own unique fact situation and applicable law.

Gadtke & Beyer, Divorce Lawyers Edina MN

Bob – Spousal Maintenance Client (2015)

"At age 65, I contacted Marc Beyer to help me with a spousal maintenance reduction regarding my ex-wife. Even though I was retired with a reduction in income, I knew this was not going to be easy. In fact, I had interviewed 3 lawyers for this job along with 2 other lawyers I had used previously. I feel very fortunate I chose Marcus for this difficult task. From the beginning, he has shown such professionalism; and, I have never once been disappointed. In my case, there were years of details and financials to digest, understand and present in a meaningful way."

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Gadtke & Beyer, Divorce Lawyers Edina MN

Julia – Divorce Client (2014)

“When I was against the wall and looking for advice on divorce, Rob was very forthcoming with the information I needed.  He was easy to talk to, and advised me on matters I wasn't aware of.  I went into the divorce after exhausting all other avenues and Rob helped me come out the other end with my dignity intact and a great settlement I could more than live with.  I would recommend Rob to anyone who wants a lawyer that will fight for you all the way.”

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Gadtke & Beyer, Divorce Lawyers Edina MN

Anna – Child Custody & Divorce Client (2015)

“What a difference Marc Beyer made! His family law expertise is pretty impressive: he's very educated, knowledgeable, very assertive, and confident. He listened to ALL my needs, jotted them down and did his best to help me win the case, securing thus the safety of my child and my peace of mind. What I also loved about him was that he didn't mind working as a team with me, namely: there was no unnecessary arrogance and "I know it better than you" attitude, he always valued both my intellectual and emotional input, we worked smoothly as a team, and that was one of the reasons we succeeded."

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Gadtke & Beyer, Divorce Lawyers Edina MN

Craig – Child Custody & Divorce Client (2015)

"The divorce process is loaded with uncertainty and emotion. My case was everything but typical and included an intensive child custody aspect. Rob listened and really understood my priorities and planned a strategy accordingly. I felt confident and in-the-know every step of the way. Rob was great at keeping me updated and explaining the process along with my options. I am very pleased with the outcome of my divorce and Rob's assistance. It didn't seem likely but I now share custody of our daughter. I highly recommend Rob Gadtke for matters of divorce and family law."

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Gadtke & Beyer, Divorce Lawyers Edina MN

Gene – Divorce Client (2015)

“I highly recommend Rob Gadtke and the team at Gadtke and Beyer. I know that if I had not selected them, my case would have had a different outcome. Rob had the experience to understand the situation, listen to my needs and concerns, communicate a rock solid plan, and execute on the plan, never losing sight of my children’s needs no matter how extreme any phase of my case became. This is the team you need. Gadtke and Beyer was the best choice for me and I am grateful for all of their efforts!”

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Gadtke & Beyer, Divorce Lawyers Edina MN

Cathy – Divorce Client (2015)

“Immediately upon retaining Rob Gadtke as my divorce attorney, I knew that I was in excellent hands.  When I told him the details of my situation, he devised a plan and gave me practical advice to follow starting with step one.  I felt like a boulder had been lifted off of my shoulders. I will be forever grateful to Rob for the over-and-above effort he put forth on our behalf, which resulted in a good outcome for my new single-parent led family.  We can now look ahead to a fabulous future and begin healing from the past."

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Gadtke & Beyer, Divorce Lawyers Edina MN

Olga – Divorce Client (2014)

“Rob Gadtke is truly one of, if not the best, the most professional and intelligent attorneys in the Twin Cities.  I knew from the moment we met I could completely trust him, and that feeling only grew stronger as we worked on my case.  He always kept me strong and focused in the right direction at all times.”

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Gadtke & Beyer, Divorce Lawyers Edina MN

Divorce Client (2015)

"This was my first experience working with an attorney, in the beginning it all seemed so overwhelming during what was already a very stressful time. At my initial consultation, Marc Beyer walked me through the entire divorce process; he broke it down into phases which helped me to understand the end to end view. Our desire was to expedite the divorce as amicably as possible so we could move on with our lives with limited added stress to the family.  Not only was Marc able to deliver on an expedited case, he was extremely responsive, always kept me apprised about my case and answered all of my questions promptly.  I would highly recommend Marc Beyer of Gadtke & Beyer as your divorce attorney."

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